The World's First CBD-FI currency

"HASHISH COIN - a digital currency for marijuana enthusiasts"


Hashish coin aims to be a leading CBD company using DeFi, blockchain, and crypto to bring revolution in the agricultural industry.

Our mission is to help facilitate secure transactional relationships between farmers, distributors, & consumers.

Hashishcoin will offer legal cannabis businesses immediate alternatives to both an exclusionary banking system and operating all-cash businesses.

Why the Marijuana Industry Needs Crypto ?

Cryptocurrencies offer the only immediate alternative to operating all-cash businesses, and a practical substitute for the banks that can’t yet service legal cannabis businesses (and for those banks that may choose not to, even after SAFE Banking passes).

Cryptocurrencies hold incredible promise by providing access to financial services through decentralized finance (DeFi).

Hashish coin will revolutionize Marijuana industry.

Using data, technology and web3 to revolutionize the agricultural industry, Hashishcoin empowers CBD farmers and producers delivering CBD and technological benefits to the masses


A NFT community for stoners, which will be held on Metaverse. The Crypto Hashish Club provides a community for like-minded individuals to gather together in the Metaverse. We aim to provide the NFT owners in our community with the most exclusive Hashish experiences in the Metaverse and the real world.

Decentralized NFT Marketplace

A decentralized NFT marketplace promoting complete transparency, permissionless participation, and robust security. All Hashish NFTs holders are eligible to join ” THE CRYPTO HASHISH CLUB”.


Hashish digital wallet will be a secure noncustodial cryptocurrency wallet that supports multiple blockchains. It will be available in IOS and android. Despite offering such an extensive array of services, Hashish Wallet will not charge any fee.


Buy & Sell Tax


Cryptocurrency has the potential to be important in the marijuana industry for a few reasons. One is that marijuana is still illegal at the federal level in the United States and other countries, which can make traditional banking difficult for marijuana businesses. Cryptocurrency can provide an alternative form of payment and can also help with financial transactions such as paying employees and vendors. Additionally, cryptocurrency can provide more secure and transparent record-keeping for marijuana transactions. It’s also important to note that due to the nature of cryptocurrency, it could provide additional privacy and security for the customers and vendors in this industry.

The most important benefits of cryptocurrencies are

  • Transaction speed.
  • Transaction costs.
  • Accessibility.
  • Security.
  • Privacy.
  • Transparency.
  • Diversification.
  • Inflation protection.

In the absence of a bank or other financial institution, the capacity to transfer cash from one location to another is revolutionary. Traditional cross-border payment providers might charge a large number of fees for sending money abroad, and this is where cryptocurrency comes in.

Cryptocurrency offers a secure and transparent way for marijuana businesses to handle financial transactions, as traditional banks may be hesitant to work with them due to the drug’s legal status.

The use of cryptocurrency allows marijuana businesses to bypass traditional banking institutions and conduct financial transactions without the need for a bank account. This can be beneficial for marijuana businesses operating in states where the drug is not yet fully legal.

Cryptocurrency can provide a valuable alternative source of capital for marijuana businesses, particularly those that may have trouble accessing traditional forms of funding due to the drug’s legal status. Cryptocurrency can also be used as collateral for loans or other forms of financing.

Using cryptocurrency can make it easier for marijuana businesses to comply with regulations and laws, as it can provide a transparent and secure way to track and report financial transactions. However, it’s important for businesses to stay informed about any specific regulations or laws related to the use of cryptocurrency within the marijuana industry.

Marijuana-specific cryptocurrencies can provide additional benefits such as faster transaction times, lower transaction fees, and a dedicated community of users and supporters within the marijuana industry.

Marijuana businesses should take the same security measures when using cryptocurrency as they would with any other sensitive financial information, such as keeping their cryptocurrency wallets and private keys secure, and regularly monitoring their transactions for any suspicious activity. Businesses should also stay informed about any updates or security measures related to the specific cryptocurrency they are using.

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